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Is Livestreaming a Viable Option For DJs?

A DJ uses a basic controller for mixing tracks.

Livestreaming is an excellent option for DJs, and it has become increasingly popular during lockdown due to the mobility restriction in 2020-2021, which resulted in the cancellation of many live performances, causing DJs to seek out alternative means of putting their music out there for audiences to enjoy.

Another benefit of livestreaming is its global reach since live performances are limited to those in the vicinity, meaning that DJs can showcase their mixing skills and attract newer audiences by reaching out through platforms like Youtube and others.

Let’s explore some details of livestreaming for DJs and how COVID-19 influenced the rise in livestreaming platforms.


The Benefits of Livestreaming For DJs

Since many people were stuck at home due to the global pandemic, artists, musicians, and DJs suffered monetary losses because they could not perform at their typical venues, causing them to seek out online streaming services to stay relevant.

For example, DJs like Mall Grab and Gorgon City put out multiple sets during peak lockdown, allowing fans and listeners to tune in and pass the time while listening to house, deep house, techno, and disco tunes.

Lockdown also provided an opportunity for DJs to dig deep and find older tracks from the 70s, 80s, and 90s, adding more depth to their music taste, which is ultimately what listeners are looking for.

DJing is about a few main things, including smoothly mixing songs in succession without overlapping beats, creating hype and emotions through song selection, and broadcasting your music taste to the public, especially if you’ve gone deep in exploring particular genres.

Livestreaming has made it possible for DJs like John Summit to gain popularity, allowing him to sell out some of the biggest venues in Las Vegas following the lockdown, which is a testament to the fact that livestreaming has provided amazing opportunities for aspiring artists.

Some of the most popular livestreaming platforms include Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitch, providing opportunities for DJs to perform live in front of their audiences while marketing their performances ahead of time to create hype and sell merchandise.

Bicep (DJ) is known to have edgy house tunes that are somewhat unique and the venues they perform at typically sell out quickly, which means that the lockdown certainly had a negative impact on their sales.

However, they were still able to host a livestreaming performance on Instagram, and tens of thousands of people tuned in from across the world, which was possible due to the opportunities for global reach offered via livestreaming options.

However, despite livestreaming being a viable option for DJs, it is not as advantageous as live performances because you cannot substitute the real experience for a digital one.

Final Verdict

COVID-19 has had many positive and negative effects that are far-reaching, and there has surely been a rise in livestreaming performances because of it, providing opportunities for DJs to invite their audiences into their homes and mix captivating sets for entertainment.

In short, there is more global reach through livestreaming options and some monetary advantages if the DJs know how to market their music properly.

However, many of the DJs were happy simply providing entertainment to people in lockdown, which is the number one benefit of livestreaming.