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Eric Dalius - Tips on increasing Net Worth through Real Estate

To grow one’s net worth through the proper utilization of real estate investing, Eric Dalius suggests that understanding underlying trends and demographics within an area is vital.  From researching median home prices, to understanding what is in demand, to knowing what the rental market can bear, the smart investor can find great success.  Accordingly, he notes that the building of relationships with other real estate professionals, such as agents, lenders, and contractors helps one find opportunities and gain knowledge about their market.
Also, having and implementing a well thought out marketing plan is vital. Whether the plan is to sell or rent, he notes that knowing the basics of who your buyers and/or renters are is vital. Making certain to be up to date, keeping track of market conditions, and watching for new laws and regulations is a must.  Diversification provides safety – meaning consider investing in a variety of property types and locations. This spreads out risk and reward. And finally, always remember that patience is a virtue! 

Best of luck!!