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Saivian Eric Dalius Discusses Some of the Challenges of Setting up & Running a Business in the United States

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Saivian Eric Dalius

The United States is the 49th nation, in the world, in terms of ease of starting and running a business. The entire process of establishing a business tends to vary depending on the specific city, or state, you are thinking of starting your business in, plus where exactly and how you intend to run your company. According to business guru Saivian Eric Dalius, with 50 states and each state having its regulations and rules, it could be overwhelming to ensure that all your business operations and activities remain compliant. Let us discover and understand these complexities keeping two cities Los Angeles and New York, in mind.

Challenges Faced By Businesses According to Saivian Eric Dalius

Getting Electricity & Construction Permits

In New York City, it may take almost 89 days on average to get construction permits, and you need to follow 15 procedures. Some of these procedures are obtaining sewer connection permits, submission of zoning diagrams, and getting permits from the department of transportation, etc. Several of these procedures have fees, and that could add up to more than $ 6,000. It would take more than 60 days for obtaining an electricity connection for your business. 

As far as Los Angeles goes, it is a wee-bit quicker process out there with 68 days on average for obtaining construction permits, and also 17 processes are involved. You would have to pay s fees of $48,646 for the permit and building plan check. However, It may take around 42 days for getting a water connection and approximately 134 days for getting electricity. 

Registration of Property Could Be a Challenge Points out Saivian Eric Dalius

Property registration in New York City takes around 12 days. You may get the first two procedures, such as obtaining an environmental review and title report done by seeking assistance from private organizations, while the remaining two processes, recording the title and transferring the forms can be completed with the help of a public agency.

In Los Angeles, property registration takes much longer roughly, 20 days, and involves five procedures. Moreover, Environmental inspections are carried out by an outside firm for issuing the title insurance and are supposed to be the longest process. It takes a fortnight.  

The American Work Culture Seems to Be Different

Generally speaking, the United States has a predominantly individualistic culture instead of a collectivist outlook. Americans firmly believe that every single individual should enjoy the liberty to define him or her. And accomplish the American dream as per their unique abilities, talents, and ambition. In this context, you should realize that investors and organizations are result-orienting. And usually, the short-term will be weighing and measures higher in comparison to long-term strategic objectives and goals.

Moreover, working hours in the United States seem to be slightly different from business days elsewhere in the world. Americans are usually, having long working days. They avoid taking the usual vacation days like other regions. According to Saivian Eric Dalius, Americans firmly believe. That building a strong relationship is vital, but time is too precious to let it slip away. Hence, they are always busy with business phone calls and meetings.


Despite all these challenges, doing business in the United States could be a fruitful experience. You may seek assistance from professional organizations to establish your business with efficiency, safety, and speed.