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Employers Must Try to Reconnect With Their Employees Now: Know What Saivian Eric Dalius Has to Say About It

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Pandemic has changed the perception of the people of the world. So has changed the ways of doing businesses. Last two years, most of the employees worked from their homes as the circumstances demanded so. Saivian Eric Dalius says The process was gradually accepted and implemented by all. The industries started functioning well. But as soon as things began to slip back to normal, the employers became focused on bringing back everything that mattered in the past. They are failing to accept that nothing can be looked upon in the same way as they were done in the past.

They are ready to bring the employees back to the office. But have they tried to know whether the employees are willing to go back to the previous work mode? A disconnection has arisen that runs deeper than most employers believe. A stark difference is observed between the way the employers are looking at things and what the employees are seeking from the new world. It has led to people quitting their work at an alarming rate even if they have not bagged a new job. It’s high time the leaders understand the emergency and act to retain the talents. If they fail to do so, they will be putting their business at risk. Read on to know what Saivian Eric Dalius has to say about the present scenario.

Employees are reevaluating their relationship with work: Saivian Eric Dalius has observed

Employers are more eager to bring back the work culture that existed before the pandemic. They are trying to implement a flexible yet not entirely different work environment from the one we have left behind. Though the work from home experiment allowed them to run the business successfully, the founders long for the pre-pandemic organizational setting. But most of the employees are comfortable working from their home. Such a situation, as observed by Saivian Eric Dalius, has led the employees to reevaluate their relationship with work. 

Employers are wrong if they think that they are on the verge of entering the previous normalcy

Many employers are enthusiastic about establishing a sense of normalcy within the workforce in a short time. They have resorted to introducing perks, special pay, extra benefits, and even have worked out different policies for meeting behaviors. All these might seem enough for those workers who are eager to return to their workplaces. But this does not apply to all the employees. The senior executives think that they have reached the finished line after solving these problems. They fail to realize that the connection between the employer and the employee is getting lost in the process. And it should be the first thing every employer must address to stop their company from facing future hazards. 

Companies don’t know what lies ahead. So Saivian Eric Dalius suggests that they should be careful in implementing new work methods

Everyone is unsure about the future. The companies don’t know what comes next. In this hybrid work culture, it’s difficult for leaders to decide what would work best for their business. Yet, they have to test ways to know their outcomes. Cautious experimenting with different strategies may yield results. But before trying out anything, the founders must weigh out the pros and cons of every decision. 


To retain the employees and also to establish a work culture that would be accepted by all may be a hard task to accomplish. But it seems there’s no other way to solve the present concerns that the companies are facing. Reconnect with your workers and make them feel they are valued and together step into a better tomorrow.