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Marketing trends to stay competitive from Eric Dalius – Advanced business promotion tips

Eric Dalius

To maintain the competitive edge, every business owner needs to stay in the promotion game. First, however, you need to ask yourself, are you in tune with the changing times, market practices, and technology? If your marketing strategies are no longer relevant, then you are just wasting capital without any return. In the following section, entrepreneur Eric Dalius highlights the hot marketing trends you should dabble with to enjoy enormous gains.

Content from users – Eric Dalius on the importance of UGC

UGC or user-generated content is any content created from outside the brand hierarchy, i.e., the customers. Brands can then share these UGC pieces on their social media accounts to generate views and visibility. UGC improves brand value, recollection, authenticity, trust, and loyalty. Develop an online persona for the brand with sharing of posts from loyal customers to promote better.

Use social proof

Social proof has become the most vital tool as far as online promotion is concerned. It is another type of UGC to promote brand loyalty and make those lead conversions. Always reach out to your customers once they have made the purchase. Keep in mind that positive reviews on the most popular platforms are a brilliant way to generate interest, traction, and better sales numbers.

AI chatbots

If you have an interactive website for purchase and services, then the use of AI chatbots can be a gamechanger. It allows for intelligent interactions with the customer while boosting team productivity. In addition, customers can have their queries answered faster through chatbots, thereby improving the user experience for your site.

Think about mobile platforms

With over half the entire internet population comprising mobile devices and other handheld platforms, any failure to recognize the importance of mobile optimization is an amateurish mistake that can cost you in traffic numbers. In addition, mobile responsive websites offer better accessibility for the site and improve the vital analytics for the business domain.

Customization options

Marketing has become personalized. Every brand and firm is now paying close attention to the customers while generating tons of data about their favored purchases, most liked, and recommended products to offer better services in the future. So get in favor of a personalization strategy for running all future promotional campaigns through emails, texts, and other push notifications.

The art of storytelling

Every brand or company has its own story. It is the story of the journey or the inception of the idea. It is all about infusing the story into the personality of the brand and the ability to showcase the best side online. Do not oversell, but promote the best features, exciting bits and make sure the visuals are striking.

Go green to go effective

It is essential to recognize the signs of the times. Consumers are more conscious, and therefore more and more are prioritizing “greener” choices for products, brands, and services. If you cannot go 100% green right at the start, make plans and build up for the change bit by bit. Do your bit for the world to improve the visual specs of your brand.

Follow these simple tips to promote your brand in this age of technology. All the best!