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Eric Dalius answers the most-asked questions regarding business loans

Eric Dalius

As a business owner, you will feel the need to take out a loan at some point in your career. Despite many loan options as advertised in the market, it is quite a delicate process and requires a lot of careful consideration. And you will need loans to help you to grow and succeed. With that in mind, we have got entrepreneur par-excellence Eric Dalius, answering all your doubts and providing real-world tips with business loans.

Do you need a loan?

It is something you need to ask yourself and find the answer from within. Many entrepreneurs end up taking out a line of credit without requiring one. It is just additional debt which you should try to avoid at all costs. Loans are risky; therefore, you need to think about the option and go over the available loan avenues to work out the best one.

When are additional funds required?

Typically, the answer for this is dependent on your concern and the needs of the hour. However, there are specific reasons to require additional funds through business loans.

  • Start of a new business
  • New equipment purchase
  • Inventory stocking
  • Employee hire
  • Marketing and promotion
  • Improve cash flow
  • Business expansion

The amount to borrow – Eric Dalius opines

Your next item should be planning for how much to borrow. Keep in mind, never go overboard with your loans because you will need to pay it all back and with interest. Instead, make sure to factor in fund utilization, gross sales, and debt, if any, to get an exact loan amount.

The fact about credit score

Your credit score is entirely dependent on your purchase and repayment history. If you aren’t a responsible buyer, then you lose all credibility. Sure, there are options to loan amounts without the credit score, but there are high-interest rates to go as well. So, keep your credit score healthy and sail through any loan application process.

Look into your debts

It is always a great tip to look at your existing debt situation before taking out a new line of credit. If you are already drowning in debt, it makes no sense to pile on the pressure on yourself and your concern, especially in this COVID-19 hit world.

Do the math – cost of the loan

Your loan is going to cost you more in the long run. However, the question to ask is whether the loan will cost you a lot or within measure? Read the fine print and understand the vital features, including interest rate, fees, and penalties, before signing on the dotted line.

The loan application process

Keep in mind that there are some hassles associated with a loan application process. It will take some paperwork and a lot of patience to get it over the line. So, always take a look at the process before getting on with it. Determine the type of loan, your credit information, and gather all the necessary documents to complete the paperwork.

We sincerely hope we were able to provide you with all the answers concerning business financing options.