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The Most Common Sources of Inspiration for Musicians

The Most Common Sources of Inspiration for Musicians

Artistry and inspiration are interlinked. Whether you’re a musician or a songwriter, it only takes a split second for something to inspire and take you into a creative realm. In today’s post, that is precisely what we’ll walk you through to help those creative juices flow.

Let’s take a look at the most common sources of inspiration for musicians:

Other Musicians

One of the best ways to get inspired is to listen to music from other professional and accomplished artists. Listen to legendary songs for creative inspiration. This exercise will help you explore their creative range and find something unique that hasn’t been touched, which you can use to bring something new and fresh. After all, when you listen to something amazing, you can create something equally great. 


Nature is also a common source for music artists to find their inspiration. Nature is known to help musicians create songs and music that are meaningful and full of life. For example, John Denver’s ‘Take me home country roads’ is a well-loved and enjoyable sing-along song about beautiful West Virginia landscapes. The song feels relatable and instantly connects with the audience—anybody who here the song may feel like it is their home. So, sometimes all it takes to get inspired is exploring Mother Nature. Walk down the streets, go to a park, explore your surroundings, trees, and plants or gaze at the stars in the sky; you will find something around that gets your attention and inspires you to make good music.

Personal Experiences

At times, you can be your biggest inspiration. Try to draw on personal experiences to generate good music ideas. Singers like Usher and Taylor Swift are the best examples of talented musicians who are known to create music from their personal life experiences (relationships and breakups). So, whatever goes on in your life, ups and downs, good or bad, try to pen down those emotions to create music that touches hearts and inspires.

Movies and Books

Another great source to ignite your creativity and jump-start your imagination is watching a movie or reading a book. Sometimes watching other people go through different phases of life and emotions can inspire you to put their stories in words and elicit those emotions through heartfelt songs and music.  

Daily Routine

Every day is brand new, and we couldn’t agree more. Many music artists say they often find inspiration from their daily routines. Some may ask what’s so creative about the daily routine, but musicians believe that daily routine allows them to dig deep into their observations and feelings. The dramas and quirks that play out daily get the creativity flowing.