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The Most Recommended Music Genres for Running and Working Out

Title: Music for running

The right kind of music during working out and running can make a massive difference to your motivation and energy levels. In many ways, it also improves your stamina and allows you to work out for longer.

This is why making the perfect, motivating, and foolproof playlist you can play while moving your body is essential. However, crafting such a playlist is easier said than done. Take a look at our round-up of the best genres to incorporate to keep you going.


This is the perfect genre to listen to when you have an intense workout to get through. These songs have catchy beats that can keep you motivated and improve your stamina.

Not only that, but hip-hop is the best choice when you are running. So, next time you are about to run, be sure to incorporate artists like Kanye West, Drake, and Beyonce into your playlist.

Sports Anthem

When you are in need of a bit of motivation while working out, the best music to blast is sports anthems. You should consider playing sports stadium favorites like ‘Eye of the Tiger’ or ‘We Will Rock You.’

These anthems will make any intense workout feel like a breeze. If you plan to lift heavy weights or run for miles, these songs can help you push through them.

Heavy Metal

If you are looking for more motivation to get through your workout, consider playing heavy metal music. The heavy music and beats have a way of amping you up through the toughest workouts and allowing you to push through.

The best part about this genre is also that there are so many choices of bands. You can listen to classic heavy metal bands like Metallica and Megadeth or go with AC/DC or current bands like Mastodon.

Electronic Dance Music (EDM)

EDM is yet another recommended music genre for working out because it motivates you to keep moving. Such songs are exactly what you need when you are running since they help you push through.

They also have a consistent tempo, which helps you stay focused, especially running.


This is one of the best genres to listen to while working out and running because they have a way of elevating your mood. Such songs help you enjoy and feel good, which is why they make workouts and runs more pleasant.

Pop songs make you want to dance and move, which is exactly what you need when working out. Pop hits have changed over the years, but it is best to incorporate any pop songs you enjoy the most.

Classic Rock

Besides hip-hop, classic rock is one of the most listened-to genres when working out. It is a tried-and-true method of motivating you and keeping you engaged.

However, the ideal classic rocks are those that follow a uniform tempo. Hence, songs like Bohemian Rhapsody may not be the best choice for working out. You should look for a classic song with heavy riffs and catchy beats to keep you energized throughout your workout or run.


It is important to remember that the best workout or running playlist should incorporate bits of all these aforementioned genres. But most importantly, it should include songs that you enjoy.